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American Military Jet Downs Mysterious Flying Object in Canadian Airspace

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FEB 12, 2023

The leaders of Canada and the United States, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Biden, directed the removal of the unidentified flying object that was violating Canadian airspace. This action took place one day after another similar object was dealt with near Alaska.

The object appeared to have no one onboard.

On Friday, the Pentagon declined to give a more detailed description of the object, merely stating that the U.S. pilots who went to assess it determined that it appeared to be unmanned. Authorities reported that the object was much smaller than the previous one, lacked the ability to maneuver, and was flying at a lower altitude.

According to Kirby, based on the advice from the Pentagon, President Biden felt that the object posed enough of a threat to warrant being taken down, primarily due to the potential danger it posed to civilian airplanes.

Object shot down near Alaska-Yukon border

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The mysterious object flew above one of the most remote areas in the country. The North Slope of Alaska has few settlements, and the two nearest communities, Deadhorse and Kaktovik, have a combined population of only about 300 residents.

On Friday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his support of the decision to take down the object in a tweet. He stated that he had received a briefing and added, “Our military and intelligence services will always work together.


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